Start by doing one simple thing…..

It truly is as simple as making one change.  I did the other day by putting up a “No advertising Mail” sign up on my letter box.  According to Globally, it is estimated that 100 million trees are  harvested to produce junk mail each year. In Australia, 8.2 billion  articles of junk mail are produced every year, along with over 650  million articles of addressed promotional mail. So what are the pros and cons in doing this?

Cons- needed to outlay money to buy the sign, time to put it up, possibly miss out on a few specials

Pros-reduce my annual paper waste by about 40-50kgs, not be enticed in buying more ‘stuff’, time better spent doing something a little more constructive than reading junk mail

I have to admit that once the sign was up I felt really good that I was making a difference. In a way I felt empowered. To be honest with you I have not missed the junk mail at all. So, an easy DIY project for this weekend.