A Celebration for Foodies

When it comes to food I am fairly obsessive.  If I’m not in the kitchen creating or in the garden collecting eggs or picking vegies, I’m probably reading a food mag or watching a cooking show.  Let’s not forget the regular practise of consuming food too.  That I do quite well.  So when one of my BFFs (Best Friend Forever) suggested we go to this year’s Causley Fresh Gate To Plate Degustation (http://www.gatetoplate.com.au/main.html) well I did backflips.  What a great foodie challenge to eat through several courses highlighting local products and local Chefs.  Of course this would be deliciously accompanied by some beautiful near local wines.

Helper Dianne Luxton and Chef Antony Perring at the Gate To Plate masterclass on Saturday afternoon. Photo JoJo Newby / The Daily Examiner

Helper Dianne Luxton and Chef Antony Perring at the Gate To Plate masterclass on Saturday afternoon. Photo JoJo Newby / The Daily Examiner

Well did I cry in my pillow and comfort eat my way through a bag of Choc Bits when my BFF informed me that she had been too late to book us a table.  Okay I may have been a little too dramatic with the crying into the pillow scene but I was genuinely upset.  However there was a silver lining on a cloud of pink fairy floss to our dilemma.

BFF had suggested we book in for the Yamba Food Trail followed by a Master Class.  All day taste testing local food and getting foodie tips from experts, “Yeah, count me in!” Locally ground coffee (http://www.espressobotero.com.au/), a tour of a local fish farm (http://pim.net.au/),  a local deli shopping experience (http://www.causleyfresh.com.au/), lunch at Wato’s Fish and Burger Bar, Yamba, and  let’s not forget to mention the beautiful bottle of Sparkling we consumed(http://www.robertchannonwines.com/Scripts/openExtra.asp?extra=1) made for an unforgettable food trail experience.

Our day continued on a high with a Master Class at our local Art Gallery. Our host for the day Chef Antony Perring (http://www.ironsandcraig.com/) , roped me into assisting him to make ricotta.  (Between you and me I was totally loving the limelight). We were also spoilt with some mouth watering BBQ prawn and scallop nibbles.  No one could resist the  dessert presentation (http://www.nicholsonfinefoods.com.au/) which was truly a work of art.  On the inside we were all plotting the quickest way to get to the dessert display and which people we would need to knock over (lucky I was in the front row and therefore could throw myself at temptation).  All of this amazing food was perfectly matched with Robert Channon Wines from the Granite Belt and coffee made with love from Espresso Botero.

Alas all good things must come to an end, so I bid my new friends farewell but I was happy in the knowledge that not only do I have all of this amazing produce available to me in my Clarence Valley, I know that I’ll be doing the food trail and master class again next year.  One last word, this obsessed foodie enjoyed herself so much that she has volunteered to help organise next year’s event. Maybe this way we can be guaranteed a table at the Degustation!