Giving back to your community

Sometimes life seems a little crazy, way too hectic and a big bloody effort.  Sometimes when it is all of these things you add more and it just seems to work out fine.  In fact it can be quite satisfying.  I’m talking about volunteering..

I’m writing this post at 8:30am, I’ve just managed to have a no effort breakfast, the kids are happy lazing around in the TV room-wait the phone just rang. Crisis averted, back to writing. I’m completely stuffed from a big day of volunteering but I’m glad I still do it. So if I babble in this post, you know why.  Volunteering is  a value I want to instil in my children too.  Mr 9 and Mr 12 have already been involved in a few things.

Yesterday, the whole family were super busy! We started at 7am helping the Scouts set up a stall at the TAFE markets (an annual event with about 140 stalls). I also helped my students get their stall ready for the day.  At about 8am hubby and Mr 9 and Mr Almost 5 headed off to help set up for the Annual Volleyball tournament.  Mr 12 and I volunteered at the markets until about 2:30pm.  We then headed over to see how hubby was going with the volleyball tournament that he had organised and has done so for the 5 or so years.  At 3pm I took Mr 12 to the Scout hall to help get organised for the Annual Float Procession. At 5pm I met back up with Mr 12 to help walk alongside the float handing out Scout information. I ran up and down the main street of town, dance bombed the dance troupe (they weren’t impressed), photo bombed a few tourists and made a spectacle of myself, all in the spirit of volunteering mind you. We got home around 7pm only to be informed we needed to head back out to socialise with all the volleyball teams..Okay at least hubby gave me 5 minutes to shower and get ready.

What makes me sad and sometimes downright annoyed is that it seems a lot of people of my generation and younger don’t seem to have time to volunteer. Why is this so?  Life seems to busy, other things are more important, people would rather get paid for their time?  I don’t know.. Sometimes I think there is also a fine line between paid work and volunteering.  I know quite a few examples when there has been a need in the community but there is an expectation that it is filled by a volunteer. I also know quite a few amazing people who seem to volunteer for everything…I’ve also seen volunteers burnout.

The best thing that came out of yesterday was a quote from Mr 12, “I’m kinda of proud of what I did today.” Don’t you wish you could bottle those moments.