An almost Staycation

I love the concept but completely fail in the execution!

Ok I admit, when it comes to a Staycation I am a complete failure!  “So what’s a staycation?” I hear some of you ask-quite simply it’s a holiday at home.  It’s when you down tools, explore your local area, dine at that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, put your feet up with that pile of magazines that you get delivered but never get the time to read.  Or if you have kids you go bike riding, have a movie marathon night, play games, cool stuff like that.  You get the picture, right?

Well I find this simply near impossible.  I always end up finding something to clean, sort, dig, organise, label and did I mention clean? Watch out kids if you sit still for too long I’ll give you a job to do.  These habits for me are certainly engrained.  Even when I sit for too long I feel guilty and think I’m wasting time and go and find something to do.

So January holidays we stayed at a caravan park 40 mins from home.  This was a small compromise for me.  The positives were that the boys could fish, swim in the river, use the park facilities and not be hassled by me to ‘do jobs.’I spent the week, reading, blogging, painting and hanging out with the boys.  As my hubby had to work, he came to stay with us each night.  We’ve not had to worry about the house and pets as hubby checked on these daily.  As crazy as it sounds our holiday also supported local businesses too.

The only negatives were that we had to outlay $$$$$ for our campsite and we had very loud neighbours 🙁

Fast forward to today, so I am reattempting the staycation.  I have two words to describe it, EPIC FAIL.  I’ve managed to clean out the kids bedrooms, clear out an aging magazine collection, sort out the study, clean, iron etc.

So for my next attempt maybe I’ll take on some of my own tips:

  • set a budget
  • get input from everyone what they’d like to do
  • research your local area
  • clean the house the day before the official start of the staycation
  • use items only saved for special occasions (Royal Doulton darlings)
  • lock up electronics (if the family needs a break from these)
  • line up a good book
  • dust off the old boardgames
  • keep meals simple, go for a picnic, have a night out
  • don’t feel guilty
  • most IMPORTANTLY have FUN!!!