Camping Etiquette 101

155797_10151693614962017_1593539900_n[2]Okay before I dive head first into this blog I want to start by giving you a little insight into my relationship with my better half.  Think yin yang, peaches and cream, good cop bad cop, cats and dogs…we’re complete opposites but so perfectly matched.  Now I’m going to be honest with you I’m the glass half empty and he’s the glass half, actually he’s the glass QUITE full especially if it’s his home brew!  I needed to paint a picture before I have a little whinge….

So back to the blog…actually before I get there….let me state for the record that I LOVE CAMPING!  Being out in the open, the scenery, camp cooking, toasting marshmallows and watching the ambers of the campfire glow, NOT being at work, what a great way to spend time with loved ones.

Alright so now back to the blog….my little whinge…Why don’t people follow the unwritten rules of camping etiquette?

  • SMOKING You know, I have spoken to a number of Park Managers/owners and they are all in agreement that smoking on campsites needs to be reviewed.  I know I am quite sensitive to cigarette smoke but come on people, smoking within 5 metres of where I sleep is not cool especially if I am trying to sleep. Don’t get me started on cigarette butts that litter camping areas too.  One camp manager I spoke to suggested having a designated smoking zone.  Not only would this contain the litter, it would also give the smokers’ a space that they can enjoy their habit without affecting non-smoking campers ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. Let me know readers if you have found a non-smokers Garden of Camping Eden!
  • MY CAMPSITE IS NOT AN EASEMENT  Okay so I may have personal space issues but I kind of get a little irked when people walk right through our campsite. It’s like, okay the shortest route to the amenities is in a straight line! I really try hard to teach my kids to walk on the pathways/tracks/easements and NOT through campsites, it’s a shame others don’t.  Worse still, we have not only had people park (and sleep in their car) on our campsite but also sit at the camp table provided on our site and decide to sing and belt out tunes on the guitar late one night. In this instance being heavily pregnant with my third child did not help matters either.  This was a National Park and it was NOT suitable for the congregation of about 100 that turned up. Not sure what is more annoying someone walking past my bed at midnight or 5am especially if they are chit chatting with their toilet buddy?
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT  Park managers need to understand that for people to use bins correctly that you have to make it REALLY, REALLY simple.  I mean I know it is fairly obvious that the bins near the fish cleaning area with the sign above it saying FISH WASTE ONLY means exactly that but some people still don’t get it.  It would seem also that if bins are too far away from camping areas that campers either litter or make do with the small bin supplied at the amenities block.  For some campers too, I feel that they are still struggling with the idea of recycling. Admittedly though I have been to a handful of camping areas that seem to have it right.  One park we stayed at even had a bin for used batteries!
  • RULE BREAKERS So I’ve been told on the odd occasion that I’m black and white, a rule follower and it is true.  If we don’t have rules we would have complete chaos.  I understand that sometimes people unintentionally break rules.  However some people must think they are above this or the rules don’t apply to them.  One in particular moment sticks to mind here. NO DOMESTIC ANIMALS IN NATIONAL PARKS- to most of us this is a fairly simple and clear rule. Aw no not for some.  Whilst camping in a beautiful park in South East Queensland we once had the unpleasant experience of other campers deciding that our patch looked so good they would camp so close to us that our tent ropes crossed over. I mean who in their right mind would set up camp next to newlyweds-well this family of happy campers did! (By the way tents have very thin walls). And before you say it must have been very busy let me point out that the campsite was near empty and about the size of half a football field.  Go figure….Anyway after I got over my personal space issue one of the campers pulled out a pet rat! Noice! I mean really!

I mean is it that hard people? Or am I too black and white? Uptight? Anally retentive? I don’t know maybe I should consult Glass Quite Full Man. I’m sure he couldn’t care less!  Would love to know what others think on this issue!