Eating our way around Queensland

Traditionally when camping I’ve always shopped and planned menus prior to leaving on holidays.  We usually have enough food to last a week and pantry items for the trip.  The longest we have travelled for is about a month.

As I am embracing a more sustainable lifestyle my food prep methods have altered.  This has come about for several reasons but the main one being reducing my food miles and supporting local farmers.  So here’s a few of my favourite tips:

  • I now fully embrace scrumping (food grown on public land ripe for the taking-just today I found an orange tree growing next to the Pacific Highway)
  • I love buying straight from the farmer-roadside stalls are awesome!
  • Local butchers-ask them who they source their meat from and usually they are happy to chat with you
  • When dining out/take away get local knowledge first and don’t be afraid to ask the waitress where products are sourced from.  A great waitress will know and a good waitress will go and ask the Head Chef.  Sometimes menus will have this information.  Be especially weary of seafood products.
  • Source the best bakery in town
  • When buying a souvenir for that special person back home, consider a locally made product like preserves, wine or cheese.
  • Before I even start on a journey, I do a little internet browsing and check out if there are food trails

I love the fact that I can cut out the middle man, meet the producer and directly help small Australian businesses.  The kids love it too.  Picking strawberries, trying different cheeses, drinking real milk and catching red claw,IMG_2511 it all adds to the adventure of discovering Australia.