Reduce your chemical use

Quite a few years ago I invested in a number of Enjo products to assist with minimising chemical cleaners in the bathroom and kitchen. I must say I have been very impressed and was happy to be re-educated. The two big benefits to reducing toxic chemicals in the home are of course; your health and the hip pocket!

Sometimes you just need a little elbow grease and hot water. Other situations call for reinforcements. Take my microwave for an example, the internal walls replicated something similar to a crime scene! So I picked a lemon from the backyard, squeezed it, added a cup of water, microwaved the concoction on high for 5 minutes and wiped it clean. Really little effort! Other natural cleaners include baking soda, salt and vinegar. If you want to get fancy you could look into incorporating essential oils too.

Admittedly I still use a commercially produced laundry liquid and dishwashing liquid called Earth Choice which is Australian made and owned and claims to have a minimal impact on our planet. So our house is not entirely ‘chemical free’ yet.

There are plenty of blogs and websites out there to help you find alternatives too. Who knows tomorrow I may tackle the oven!