“But will it make you happy?”

A beautiful friend of mine has helped me navigate through life over the last few years. When I contemplate a change or a desire to do something, I hear her voice inside of my head saying, “but will it make you happy?” This resonates with me as it is so important to simply be happy. I’m not saying everything we do will make us happy but it something to work towards, right?

A few years back I started journalling 3 things that made me happy during the day. At first it was a struggle, I really had to grasp at anything. Obvious responses included my children and husband but that was mainly based on what they were doing in their lives. I’m not surprised that work didn’t feature… On reflection, reading back over some of the entries, there are some strange ones. For example, “I love a clean home.” Well that’s nice but sad if that was one of the top 3 things that made you happy that day. Or this one, “I am recovering from a virus- health is very important.” Should that even count??

Not to worry, a couple of months into doing this I think I got better and wanted to share with you, a snippet of things that make me happy:-

Jacaranda trees

cool nights being wrapped in a doona
the sound of leaves rustling in the wind
blue skies
jacaranda trees
hot chocolate
likeminded people
crickets calling at night
the early bird catching a worm
rain on the roof
purring cats
unexpected gifts

If we take the time to be in moment, practicing mindfullness, we can really appreciate it. Simple pleasures can give us a sense of happiness if we let them. So why share this now? Maybe someone in the universe needs me to share this? Who knows? So what makes you happy?