Product Review

The Environmental Toothbrush

Welcome to my first official Product Review!  Can I just say how impressed I am with such a simple product! This invention potentially has the power to reduce “approximately 1000 tonnes of landfill each year” in Australia. I hear you asking ‘how Di, tell me?’ Well according to, Australians use and dispose of about 30 million toothbrushes. I honestly thought it would be more considering dentists tell us to change our toothbrushes monthly. (You do the maths and work out how many your family go through).

But how does the product perform? Well it performs like a regular toothbrush! The greatest advantage of this product is that it is biodegradable and hygienic to use.  According to the website, the bamboo that is used to make the handle is sourced from farmers and as it grows quickly and is somewhat of a pest species.  Therefore the harvesting of it actually helps control it!

For more information on this product, visit  I’ve ordered these straight from the website.  My kids used a permanent marker to write their names on.  This website also gives you a list of stockists.  At the time of writing this the cost of a box of 12 is $36. They come in soft and medium bristle for adults and soft for children.

Toothbrush Trivia: Did you know that horse or boar bristles were originally used? Did you also know that handles were traditionally made from wood, ivory or bone?